Inspection Hatch of the 127mm mark 45 turret of the HMAS Arunta, Tech Port South Australia

Short Introduction

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just a short explanation behind the following pages. The historical study pages are my conclusions on numerous historical essays that i have come across over the past 30 odd years of trying to get to the truth, were possible, of what happen to ships such as the Bismarck and her contemporaries. 
When you read conclusions that do not tally with what is considered historical fact and these differences are recorded in the same essay, you have to start to question what is going on here, a record of historical facts or a record of historical propaganda trying to pass itself off as factual history? I will indicate, were possible, that the information stated in my essays has been sourced from other authors by the sentence "I read somewhere" or by some other method where it will be clear I either criticise a statement or find myself in support of an idea. I will try from 02/01/2013 to name the source or indicate from where the source or if it a self realized conclusion to help the readers to come to their own conclusions.         

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19.05 | 15:01

Good point! I was thinking Helo pads but never got around to it. The design thought been why not have full port or base resources including dry dock and repair

19.05 | 11:44

Why is there no airport on top of the base?

03.04 | 13:07

Just found your site-very cool. Also agree with your views regarding government decision processes, all about looking after their arse after they're booted out

19.01 | 08:39

Detailed answers on blog page.