Genesis of an idea.

The idea behind the following designs are based initially on published requirements for the future combat vessels  for the British and Australian Navies. Not all designs adhere to specific requirements and in some cases are combined into one design or exceed stated requirements. 

Fig 1 is designed to replace the Anzac class / type 23 frigates. Reported sometimes as a type 26 proposal. With the Britsh requesting interest from other Countries it may premiture to "class name" the design at this stage.

For my own internal reference I call this  a"5415" future combat ship design. The number refers to the original hull designation of the online database used to obtain the initial hull form I used as a base for this design. The hull-form has been modified to suit requirements.

more to come latter.
Fig 1

Coastal Combat Patrol Ship

Fig. 2 started off as a concept design for the Australian Navy's "future patrol vessel" requirements being the roles of patrol, mine hunting and survey work is combined, then I have gone a little over board "improving" on requirements..

Initially started off as a single hull corvette size ship. I then go to thinking that the idea of 'modularized fit out' defendant on role being tasked is all well and good, but what would happen if the role has to change half-way through deployment? Go back to base and re-kit?.

This design combines all roles into the one vessel at the same time but with the added ability to deploy light land forces when required.

An interesting update seems to prove the point of the above observation is the reported operational difficulties in swapping out modules and changes in mission requirements as events unfold.
Fig 2

Australain LPD

While the nu ship Canberra ( HMAS CANBERRA III) is hardly a conceptual design, I as to date have not found a actual line drawing or picture of the bridge structure ( I have seen two different designs on artist impressions), so I have done a basic bridge design with the main difference that the 3d  radar system is replaced with a ceafar / ceamount setup currently replacing the same 3d radar originally fitted to the Anzac class.

The official DOD web specs state that a extra 20 mm cwis systems is to be fitted I am still contemplating a vls system as in the Anzac. Yes I think it crazy to depend on escort ships for area defense alone. The vls system could be fitted behind the stack.
fig 3a

Possible Australain OPV designs

fig 4

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Good point! I was thinking Helo pads but never got around to it. The design thought been why not have full port or base resources including dry dock and repair

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Why is there no airport on top of the base?

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Just found your site-very cool. Also agree with your views regarding government decision processes, all about looking after their arse after they're booted out

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Detailed answers on blog page.