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Please keep comment polite and I would like to take this chance to say that I do not mean to offend anyone personaly, I do not have any political  agenda as I am only interested in  history recording what happened and not what some particular country's propaganda mechine would like us to think happened.
Sometimes the truth hurts, but truth sets you free! 
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19.05 | 15:01

Good point! I was thinking Helo pads but never got around to it. The design thought been why not have full port or base resources including dry dock and repair

19.05 | 11:44

Why is there no airport on top of the base?

03.04 | 13:07

Just found your site-very cool. Also agree with your views regarding government decision processes, all about looking after their arse after they're booted out

19.01 | 08:39

Detailed answers on blog page.