Possible problems and solutions with initial design platforms

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Before I get into the subject of this study I feel I should explain the path way that lead to this study. I started out thirty odd years ago discovering the the story behind such warships as the Bismarck, and the other WW2 battleships.  I focused mainly on the time period of their existance and only when studing design issues that related to earlier designs that I went outside this time frame, other than that I pretty well have ignored any design that didnot have armor of some sort.

When I ended up with one possible theoritical design of what the battleship may have evolved into in the late 1940's to early 1950's which was the acculmation of the development of battleship designs. This design was based on description of the last German design the H44.after finishing the design I thought it would be interesting to see what modern weapons that were developed ( not nessarily deployed) through to current times could be fitted to this size vessel and been a avid reader of the warship publications I was aware of the current designs in service and the last design in the ultimate design series is the result.

While reseaching the weapons systems I came across the Migetman rocket system that seemed to be small enough to be placed in a surface warship ( I came to the conclusion that the trident system was just too large to be effective as a conventional weapon), and as a rule i decided that no nuclear warheads were to be used, I Googled to see if there was any non- nuclear I.C.B.M. warheads out there and low and be-hold I came across Prompt Global Strike proposal  actually exists! Great  I gin up a upsized VLS and continued.

Now  am perfectlly aware that the chances that a 1200 ft long 177,000 odd ton global strike ship I developed in the ultimate warship section would be considered were non existant, so I got to wonder what would be an acceptable possiblity? Answer is obviouslly something a lot smaller.

When considering this concept I felt that I needed to take a complete look at the pro an cons as to actual viability of the system and the major conclusion I come up with is there is no technical reasons stopping deployment and some BIG poltical objections to overcome. They been the complete inability to tell the difference between PGS launch and a possible Nuclear launch and the other is the fact that current launch platform been considered is the same one that Launchers the nucs!

Going on what I read about the current "O'bama system" been looked at and their answer to the confusion over the type of launch vehicle is that the PGS missile in this proposal has a lower tracjectory than the longer range ICBMs. This hyper-sonic glider idea just means that it is just another short to mid range tactical missile system and there is nothing 'GLOBAL' about the current proposal.

I belive that by developing a new system with the GLOBAL REACH of 10,000 km is needed and by mounting the system on a non-covert launch platform that the other Global players can track and thereby if a launch is detected in the region that a Global Strike Platform is known to be, would that not reduce the possible tensions?

Now on other reason for a new system to be developed is that 24-26 warheads in current sub designs are not enough warheads unless they keep the multiple warhead configuration and none of the warhead types mentioned hae allowed for this possiblity.

At first I up sized the standard mk48 vls with the weight of the Migetman missiles and it soon became obivous that the max number in each complete VLS cluster was 32 units.( My design program keeps track of overall hull stability as you add items to the hull.)

At first I decided to try a typical large destoryer hull typical in the Western Navies and it was incapable of deploying the unit see fig1 I had positioned the unit right behind the heli pad. ship displacment between 14,000 ton and 19,000 ton.

The program did not like it! Too much weight.


Future Combat Ship:-Prompt Global Strike Warship

fig 2

The Final design is the result of this study into the future of Cruisers hull classification page on this web site. It carries 64 PGS units in two seperate VLS's displaces 34,000 ton range and is 252m x31m dimentions which is more realistic. It also has the AGS advanced gun system, two 128 VLS mk47/57 units, cwis systems and active multi band phased arrays radar, advanced diesel / gas electric drive propulsion utilizing internally ducted propulsors units. And whats more the computer likes it , so it is well balanced design. See fig 2.

Please refer to the indicated web page to see final designof a gobal strike warship.


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Good point! I was thinking Helo pads but never got around to it. The design thought been why not have full port or base resources including dry dock and repair

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Why is there no airport on top of the base?

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Just found your site-very cool. Also agree with your views regarding government decision processes, all about looking after their arse after they're booted out

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Detailed answers on blog page.