Building Chinese Carrier

Fig 1. Suprised this Goggle Earth wasn't blurred out. Drydock is same one China refitted it's first cariier. Follow on photos go back in time. Very distinct lift locations. Seems to be slightly smaller flat top than the first Chinese CV.
Fig 2. 2nd carrier hull taking shape or an Assault Carrier?
Fig 3. 1st carrier after relaunch after refit.
Fig 4. 1st carrier during refit.

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19.05 | 15:01

Good point! I was thinking Helo pads but never got around to it. The design thought been why not have full port or base resources including dry dock and repair

19.05 | 11:44

Why is there no airport on top of the base?

03.04 | 13:07

Just found your site-very cool. Also agree with your views regarding government decision processes, all about looking after their arse after they're booted out

19.01 | 08:39

Detailed answers on blog page.